Day 91  Saturday, 31st August 2019

An early call by the Border Police!  The three men have come into the harbour on a rib from the much bigger Border Patrol vessel. They look at us from the pontoon, and then outside the Harbour Master’s office they ask us where we’ve come from: ‘Bornholm’, we say.  Two men come on board and have to check our passports as we’re coming from another country (Denmark).  One of them puts our passport numbers into his phone and we’re clear to leave.  We’ve only be approached 7 times by border guards:

  • Polish Border Guards escorted us to Hel and we were fined £40
  • Kaliningrad – going in and out of Baltysk
  • Klaipeda – 2 Border Guards met us on the pontoon
  • Pavilosta (Latvia) – a Border Guard met us on the pontoon
  • Helsinki – approached by a rib asking whether we had weapons, wine and cigarettes
  • And then in Glowe, Germany.  This is their big vessel.


We phone Megan as it’s her 13th birthday today and sing Happy Birthday down the phone!

These cliffs remind us on Mons Klint, the white cliffs we saw approaching the island of Mons, Denmark, from Sweden when we were trying to get back to Fehmarn last August.  It was an extremely roly-poly day and I couldn’t stand to take the photograph!  I saw the lighthouse flashing last night when we got back to the boat from the restaurant.


We put up the cruising chute at 11 am but have to take it down at noon as the wind is SW and is increasing between 12 – 16 knots.  The skipper pulls the genoa out but takes it down at 1.30 pm.  We have to motorsail with the main.


These yachts are anchored off Hiddensee – it’s the weekend!  And it’s very hot – 31 degrees today.


We have to negotiate the narrow channel down to Barhoft (we went to Stralsund in May this year down the same narrow channel) – the depth varies between 3.5 – 4.5 metres.


 We arrive and we know there are pontoons installed very recently (from ‘Captain’s Mate’).  We have a beer in the café/shop as we feel a need for a beer as it’s so hot!  And have showers too! 

There’s a green gunge in the harbour, which must be caused by the shallow lagoons around the harbour.  My nickname used to be ‘Anna’ when I was at secondary school!


We eat on the table in the cockpit: chicken in tomato and mushroom sauce with pasta, raspberries and orange slices to follow with crème fraiche.  And watch another episode of ‘Mad Men’!

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  1. Helen Cobley

    Hello Joanna and Malcolm – just sussed how to reply to your blog 🤔😜 but not before I sent you an email. Hope all well, much love Helen xx


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