In 2016, Lady Hamilton sailed down from Whitby, their home port, and cruised the French coast as far as La Rochelle, spending the winter in Concarneau, Southern Britanny.

The following year, 2017, Malcolm and Joanna cruised from the Vilaine River round to Southern Holland, visiting  those ports they missed out on the passage down, and left the boat at a small jachthaven near Dortrecht for the winter.

In 2018, they continued north through Holland on the Mast Up Route, entering the Baltic via the the Keil Canal. After visiting  the Danish islands and Copenhagen, they cruised up the east coast of Sweden as far as the Stockholm Archipelago and then returned back to Fehmarn, Germany to store the boat for the winter.

This season, they intend to travel East, visiting Poland, Kaliningrad, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, with a short visit to St Petersburg before heading back West to Finland and Alund, Stockholm and then returning to Fehmarn again,via Denmark, for the winter.

Their proposed itinerary is as follows :-

Phase 1 Itinerary


They have previously circumnavigated Britain via the Caledonian Canal in 2010 & then sailed around Scotland in 2014, using the Forth and Clyde canal, spending several weeks in the Outer Hebrides.

Lady Hamilton is  a 30 foot yacht based on the Robert Clark “Verl 900” and is a home finished boat out of professional mouldings. It has sailed out of Whitby since 1996, the year the vessel was launched.