Day 92  Sunday, 1st September 2019

The swallows are all over the harbour, gathering on the rails and ropes, filling themselves up with insects before they head off south.


Swallows on the genoa lines on Lady Hamilton

We leave at 7.45 am, retracing our steps going out from Barhoft in the shallow channel marked with red and green buoys.  No short cuts here!


Barhoft is in a National Park.  Last time, in May, when we went from Warnemunde we sailed directly to Stralsund not stopping off at Barhoft.  It’s on the same channel.

The wind increases to 15 knots but it’s coming from the west and we have to motorsail as it’s wind on the nose AGAIN!  Crashing through the waves hinders our progress.

Darber Ort

The wind increases after the major headland of Darber Ort, goes up to 18 knots with gusts of 23 knots, and we switch off the engine to sail, a reef in the mainsail and a reef in the genoa.  We’re now sailing SW but it’s quite shallow, 5 metres deep, and the waves are breaking over us.  The skipper puts another reef in the genoa and we put our oilies on as it’s going to rain, judging by the black clouds ahead of us.

Black clouds on the horizon



We arrive at 5pm and take the mainsail down in the capacious harbour (with 9 honking seals in the sea pool MSC Seal Research Centre Hohe Dune!), put the lines on ready for a box mooring and put the thick fender ropes to protect the tumblehome hull (that means it’s wider below the toe rail). We put the tied fenders on the deck as you have to get into the box mooring before you can kick them over the side.  A man comes and takes our lines but he says (in German) that the skipper needs to put a line on the starboard post.  The posts proved too far apart to achieve this in the first pass ! However, the bow line isn’t long enough and he is forced to drop it in the water, which I quickly gather on board.   Malcolm puts the line round the other post and we take up the rope from the post to the pontoon, pulling to advance us towards the pontoon.  The man then takes our bow lines again and wraps them round the cleats.  We’re safely in port after a very long day!

I fail to get to the harbour office before 6pm – we’re on September hours now!  So can’t pay or get the tag for the toilets.  

We watch the final two episodes of ‘Mad Men’ as we’re not leaving until noon tomorrow as the wind is supposed to be kinder in the afternoon. 

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