Day 90  Friday, 30th August 2019

We just chilled today!   I wrote my Blog on Bornholm and we had lunch out in the popular café by the harbour as I didn’t have any fillings for sandwiches.  Went up the small tower by the harbour and took a photo of the boat.


In the afternoon I went for my very first swim in the Baltic this year.  The water was a tad cold as the weather hasn’t been as hot as last year.

The beach where I went for my first swim in the Baltic

Went for a walk down the promenade, had icecreams (!) and went to Netto on the way back.  And in the evening we ate outside at a very cosy Gasthaus/Pension restaurant full of people.  I had fish (cod) with roast sliced potatoes and sauce, Malcolm had a good steak with boiled potatoes and sauce.  We wanted to go to the Restaurant Ostseeperle, which was designed by an architect in 1968, but it was too far to go and they might have been closed.  Ours was much nearer the harbour.

Restaurant Ostseeperle on the promenade

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