BORNHOLM (a Danish island) TO GLOWE (Rugen – a German island)  (56 miles)

Day 89  Thursday, 29th August 2019

Set off at 8 am just as a fast ferry sets off from the main harbour at Ronne.  It’s going to Ystad.

We decide to try sail to windward with the mainsail and the genoa but the wind is only 8 to 12 knots from the SW, the direction in which we’re going but our progress is too slow.  We therefore motorsail all the way and it’s quite lumpy as we crash into the swell. 

We discuss how many ports of call so far – 42 – 3 more to go and we’re then back in Fehmarn – total of 46 ports. We’ve only been to 4 ports before in 2018:  Arkosund, Byxelkrok, Kalmar and Kristianopel. 

How many countries?  Germany, Poland, Kaliningrad, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Aland, Sweden, Denmark – 10 countries.

And the highlights of the trip so far?  Riga for me, the Aland and Stockholm archipelago for Malcolm. 

And lowlights?  For Malcolm:  the Polish Border Patrol vessel turning us back from the border of Kaliningrad and escorting us back to Hel.  For me, having to get to grips with so many different showers – some communal, mostly in Finland and Sweden – and different washing machines.  Can’t wait to get back home to my own shower and my own washing machine!

Malcolm takes the Danish flag down and puts up the German one.


We have to skirt the border of this wind farm – keeping it to our port side.


We didn’t know that the island of Jasmund had cliffs, where Glowe is situated, part of the Rugen islands. 

Jasmund – part of Rugen Island

Do you remember we had to get the 8.20 am bridge went we went from Stralsund to Peenamunde at the end of May?  The bridge goes to the big holiday island of Rugen. 

Arrive at 6.15 pm.   It’s a box mooring so we’ve prepared the ropes already to go over the top of the posts.  But the boat is blown against the lee post and it’s rusty metal not wood, and puts a scrape on our beautiful boat.  Two men take the bow lines and pass them back to me on the boat.  We’ve arrived safely – apart from the scrape! – after a long crossing over open sea.

I go to the harbour office but it’s only open between 8 – 9 am and 4 – 5 pm so I’ve missed the code for the toilets and showers!  I can see the beautiful beach, with little huts as we saw in Nordenay last year.  Might have a swim tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “

  1. What a voyage of discovery you’ve had.
    The weather appears to have been mostly good.
    You’re probably ready for a bit of quiet time at home.
    Very windy here. Should be a good race today..unless it’s cancelled. Difficult to gauge windforce from home.
    The laser sailor (stickdaring round uk) is having to rest somewhere east of Skye.


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