Day 87  Tuesday, 27th August 2019

It’s been a hot, humid night – and I’ve put the winter duvet on as we were quite cold and using the fleecy blankets over the summer duvet – and now we need the summer duvet again! 

I blog and make use of the free washing machine and dryer in the morning and Malcolm goes for fuel.  We have lunch in the cockpit – it’s very hot here in Bornholm – then depart to see Ronne’s delights.

We find the Tourist Office and get a bus timetable for tomorrow – the car hire is next to the Tourist Office but we’re foregoing the pleasure as it’s 600 Danish kroner (£70) for a day without the added extras. 

We go to the real harbour – there are high speed ferries already in and one just arriving – where the bigger yachts have to go.


The lighthouse over the harbour

Skt. Nicolai Church is part of the Lutheran Evangelical Church in Denmark today.  It has stood on this spot for more than 700 years, overlooking the harbour. It has witnessed war, plague and bombardment, and it has witnessed merchant vessels from the Hansa League, Swedish and Russian warships, freight ships, fishing boats, cruise ships and ferries! 


The big model of the frigate ‘Dannebrog’ dates from 1873.  The painting over the altar was inspired by Olaf Host, painted by the artist Swen Havsteen-Mikkelson who worked in Bornholm in the 1930’s. It’s theme is ‘Jesus calming the storm at sea’ – the boat and the sea look more Nordic than Galilean!  There’s a mural of Judas Thaddaeus which was restored in 2017.


The cottages are very pretty on cobbled streets.  The same yellow as Dragor, near Copenhagen, where we were rafted on the lifeboat and taken into the harbour last year!    I love the middle one on the left – such a tiny door and steps leading up to it.

We find a theatre which has a current production of ‘May 1945’, when Ronne was bombed by the Soviets.


We have cake and a Coke in the main square, Storv Tort, which must have suffered from the bombing as it has no buildings of any merit.  Buy bread rolls from Jensens Bageri, on the way to the huge Coop, which is near the Norrekas marina where we are, just north of the main harbour.   Very handy! 




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